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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Folks!

We here at the Sculpture Show Blog would just like to wish our loyal readers happy holidays. With the Christmas season coming around, why not pursue some interesting new hobbies, like ice sculpture! Winter festivities are always quite fun.


“Flame in the Wind” by Vladimir Zhikhartsev & Sergei Loginov, 1st place abstract single block, 2002 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks Alaska.
Sculpture by Vladimir Zhikhartsev & Sergei Loginov | Photo by Mila Zinkova

Chiseled cold from the ice? how about start some holiday tree trimming and put your sculpting skills to the test. Christmas tree horticulture might be one of your talents. We’ve seen a lot of well-carved botanical sculptures from hundreds of submitted photos last year.

Artworks have no limit, so be jolly and give everything a try before the year ends. Here’s the team at Sculpture Show, reminding you to eat your candy like good little boys and girls. Keep creating art!



Winterlude : An Ice Sculptor’s Haven

Ever been an artist in the winter? It can get pretty difficult for the average man, but for the participants of Winterlude, ice sculpting is just the beginning. Headed by Canada’s National Capital Commission, the festival made its way into popular culture by the 1980’s. The annual festival along with its ice sculpture competition is held at Ottawa, Ontario. A sister festival also occurs yearly at Gatineau Quebec. The sculpting exhibition is usually held at Confederation Park, better known as Crystal Garden. Each year hundreds of sculptors (professional and amateur) will showcase their craftsmanship for the whole world to see.

ice sculpture museum

Aside from the competition, there are also other events like musical concerts, canal skating, and snow sliding. Best to catch them this year at Ontario for a great winter experience.

WinterludeIce Sculpture Photography by Colin Henein