Big Rock Garden Park’s Sculpture Exhibition for 2011

In Bellingham, Washington, the Big Rock Garden Park will have a sculpture show from May 8, 2011 to September 30, 2011. The sculptures will be the winning works drawn from the entries of their competition that were sent to them last February 18th. March 28 will be the date that signifies the judges decisions being sent to the participating artists.

sculpture of three women

Big Rock Garden Park’s serene 2.5 acre botanical garden is a wonderful sight on its own, covered in beautiful landscapes and decorations. This 2011’s annual exhibit will come with the option to buy sculptures from the selection of artworks to be displayed at the garden. This will certainly be one of the premier sculpture shows to be held in the Pacific Northwest.


The Public Art League’s Sculpture Competition for 2011

We’ve heard that the Public Art League in Champaign, Illinois is looking for sculptors to join their esteemed competition this 2011. The competition is open to all professional visual artists aged 18 years and older. Despite the open theme, their website says that there is a strong search for artwork that showcases a sense of reflection into the cultural arts, diversity within the community and creativity.

sample sculpture only

Artists entering the competition should be aware that their sculpture must be durable enough to exist outdoors for long periods of time. Artists will also be responsible for transportation of their artworks to the exhibition site, installing their own works and providing public information regarding their art. Criteria for judging will be Artistic excellence and originality, Appropriateness of the artist’s vision, medium, style and experience, and appropriateness in a public environment. This is just passed on information. Please visit the source of this article’s writing here

The Schedule on their website is as follows:

4-10-11 Deadline for submissions

4-15-11 Jury review and selection of finalists

4-25 -11 Finalists notified

May-June Fundraising

July Sculpture Delivery & Installation

Direct Source: The Public Art League Website at:

Winterlude : An Ice Sculptor’s Haven

Ever been an artist in the winter? It can get pretty difficult for the average man, but for the participants of Winterlude, ice sculpting is just the beginning. Headed by Canada’s National Capital Commission, the festival made its way into popular culture by the 1980’s. The annual festival along with its ice sculpture competition is held at Ottawa, Ontario. A sister festival also occurs yearly at Gatineau Quebec. The sculpting exhibition is usually held at Confederation Park, better known as Crystal Garden. Each year hundreds of sculptors (professional and amateur) will showcase their craftsmanship for the whole world to see.

ice sculpture museum

Aside from the competition, there are also other events like musical concerts, canal skating, and snow sliding. Best to catch them this year at Ontario for a great winter experience.

WinterludeIce Sculpture Photography by Colin Henein

The Shell National Arts Competition in The Philippines

Every Year, the Shell Corporation holds its prestigious NSAC for students at the university level. The nationwide competition draws so much attention, that its been ongoing for 43 years in a row now. the 2010 competition just ended a few months ago, and people got the chance to see many of the works done by talented Philippine and Chinese youth in the country.

Shell National Art Competition SculptureShell National Art Competition SculptureShell National Art Competition Sculpture









With several art categories to choose from (sculpture, painting, digital art) both students and art collectors would marvel at the diversity of works shown every year during the awards gala night. The exhibit is held at prime locations in the Philippines, such as the Ayala Museum (42nd NSAC Competition). Everyone is eagerly awaiting the announcement of the 2011 NSAC sometime in the coming months.

Mostly attended by Fine Art students from the University of the Philippines, there have been a couple of winning participants from other top colleges as well, like the University of Santo Tomas’ Karen Magano, the Ateneo de Manila University’s Kylo Chua and the Eastern University’s Reen Barrera.

Sculpture photography is our own, but Sculpture design and artwork itself are property and rights of the respective artists.

The Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Art Exhibition

Since 1987, the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts has held the Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition every year on the campus of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Patron supporters Martin and Doris Rosen are thanked by the artit community for their generosity in upholding this competition’s continued presence. The competition is in itself a tradition for finding and showcasing American Contemporary sculpture. The sculpture entries must be made for outdoor viewing and must meet the requirements on their website.

Ten works will be chosen and displayed on a public setting around the campus. Cash prizes will be awarded to the artist that is chosen as the award recipient for this year. Mel Chin was announced to serve as a juror for the 25th Rosen Competition during the 2011-2012 season.

The Alay Sining 3 Sculpture Exhibit at the Mandarin Oriental

A few months ago, the Makati West Rotary Club of the Philippines had its 3rd Alay Sining Art Exhibition at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati City Philippines. Invited Participants included Ramon Orlina, Tito Obor, Maria Magdamit, Fred Baldemor, Seb Chua, Kylo Chua, William Baldemor and Sajid Imao among others.

Alay Sining Sculpture

Alay Sining Sculpture #1 – Our Photography – Sculpture Copyright of Representing Artist/s

The proceeds from the exhibit went to charity funds supported by the rotary club for that year. It was indeed a grand opening night with 28 of the Philippines best sculptors and guests from all around the art community. the exhibit revolved around a circular layout plan so that a rounded walkway would let guests marvel at the distinguished art and jewelry pieces made specifically for the one-day exhibition.

Kylo Chua's Arisia Sculpture
Alay Sining Sculpture #2 – Our Photography – Sculpture Copyright of Representing Artist/s

The Rotary Club has extended its hand to the public community and initialized a cooperative with the Philippine sculptor’s community all in one go. Next year, we are hoping for Alay Sining 4, and that it will be as big a success as the previous 3 exhibitions.

Alay Sining Sculpture
Alay Sining Sculpture #3 – Our Photography, Sculpture Copyright of Representing Artist/s

Cloverdale Arts Alliance: Annual Juried Sculpture Exhibit 2011

The Cloverdale Art Alliance presents its annual sculpture exhibition at the Cloverdale downtown outdoor plaza. A gathering of sculptures from all around different areas of the art community will be present in this special sculptural event. Past sculpture winners include Robert Michael Smith, Bryan Tedrick and Robert Holmes.

Metal sculpture being welded together

Exhibition will be from June 4, 2011 to September 28, 2011. The Deadline for entries will be on March 4, 2011. Please visit them here for more details. You can also download the entry form on that link.

Here’s a schedule for their event:

  • March 4, 2011 – Deadline for receipt of entries
  • March 18, 2011 – Artists will be notified of selection to exhibit
  • June 1, 2011 – Installation of sculptures to Cloverdale downtown plaza
  • June 4, 2011 – Judging of Exhibit, Opening Reception, presentation of Awards
  • September 28, 2011 – Removal of Sculptures