Sculpture Blogs to Inspire The Creative Spirit

The Asian Art Circle – A travelling curator’s guide to the ins and outs of Asia’s premier art destinations, personalities, movements and events. Kiong has been traveling for the art trade ever since the early 1990’s and has amassed a great degree of knowledge about Chinese, Japanese and Singaporean art topics.

Contemporary Art Daily – A masterfully done archive that showcases new and upcoming contemporary artists from around the world. Their simple, but informative writing style sheds a lot of light on the history surrounding many of the industry’s most well-known craftsmen.

The Artsculptor Blogger – At Artsculptor, they tackle the issues and discoveries of sculpture artists around the world. The blog provides you with insight on trends, galleries, people and art movements.

Read up on Sculptures at Sculptor & Sculpture – Sculptor & Sculpture is a really unique artblog. Each post centralizes on a certain sculptor or sculptor’s group and summarizes both the story and the craft of the people involved. Sculptor & Sculpture is truly an artist’s blog to the first-level.

Artscape is A Troupe of Sculpture Enthusiasts – Artscape, based in Hong Kong and the UK, is a group composed of teachers, curators and critics who just love to talk about sculpture and other forms of mixed-media creative works. Have a look at their new blog, which also makes use of a paired youtube channel for art-inspired documentaries.

The Sculpture Gallery Blogsite – The Sculpture Gallery is a wide selection of good reads on art and sculpture. They take on personal and communal understandings of art, as well as how art and sculpture affect the lives of everyday people like you and me.

Into Contemporary Sculpture? Visit The Modern Sculpture Collector – TMSC blog highlights contemporary and modern sculpture to a new level. It seeks to spread the work of talented emerging artists and give definition to the trend of modernity in the art societies.

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