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“Art by The River” – An Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Ever been to an art exhibit outdoors? The Lansing Art Gallery is hosting this year’s “Art by The River” show at their open air location between Michigan Ave. and Shiawassee Street. The exhibit seems to be tied with the growth of artist-diversity in the Michigan area. Among the works present will be 10 masterpieces done by Michigan artists. Listen to the stories of these people who live and work in this bustling corner of the globe. The art show can be considered a pristine break from all the modern day museums and indoor galleries, as it provides a very natural feel of the river trail.


The event is funded with support from the City of Lansing Art & Cultural Grant Program. For more info, you can visit their website right here. Take a drive down to sunny Michigan to check out what this show has to offer. See you there!


Art Spotlight Feature: Sculpting with Dice?

Frederick McSwain is an unconventional artist who’s recent work “BrokenOff Broken Off” was made both as a tribute to his late friend Tobias Wong, and to the randomness that life presents human beings with. McSwain’s sculptural artwork is a compositional flat portrait made entirely out of dice. The dice, flipped to one of 6 faces become the shades and tones of his friend’s face. What an artistic way to remember someone’s life. Tobi, as Mcswain called him, was a fun-loving man, and in the spirit of his down-to-earth persona- McSwain’s assembly of dice was set on the floor instead of being hung like traditional artworks. McSwain’s creative ingenuity allowed him to portray the human being in a true essence of his existence- with a choice and a randomness. We’re not always in sync with the cards we are dealt, but throughout the history of our lives, we get to select what “face” our memories will show us. Its not about what happens to us, but how we react to those things that defines who we are.


Artists are just ordinary people like you and me. They talk differently in their own own quirky voices. Some of em’ paint with ice, others spell with dice. Language is language, and the visual arts is in fact one of the most widely appreciated languages of our time. The only fallback of this uniquely human language is also its most defining trait. Some people think art is very easily misunderstood, but the reality of the media speaks through its diversity of interpretations. Every meaning an individual associates with an artwork makes it more powerful.


Experience and imagination rule over fact, and logic is denied its singular form. The next time you evaluate an artwork, realize that each of the billions of people around the world could be standing in the room right next to you- but seeing something entirely different.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Folks!

We here at the Sculpture Show Blog would just like to wish our loyal readers happy holidays. With the Christmas season coming around, why not pursue some interesting new hobbies, like ice sculpture! Winter festivities are always quite fun.


“Flame in the Wind” by Vladimir Zhikhartsev & Sergei Loginov, 1st place abstract single block, 2002 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks Alaska.
Sculpture by Vladimir Zhikhartsev & Sergei Loginov | Photo by Mila Zinkova

Chiseled cold from the ice? how about start some holiday tree trimming and put your sculpting skills to the test. Christmas tree horticulture might be one of your talents. We’ve seen a lot of well-carved botanical sculptures from hundreds of submitted photos last year.

Artworks have no limit, so be jolly and give everything a try before the year ends. Here’s the team at Sculpture Show, reminding you to eat your candy like good little boys and girls. Keep creating art!