“Art by The River” – An Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Ever been to an art exhibit outdoors? The Lansing Art Gallery is hosting this year’s “Art by The River” show at their open air location between Michigan Ave. and Shiawassee Street. The exhibit seems to be tied with the growth of artist-diversity in the Michigan area. Among the works present will be 10 masterpieces done by Michigan artists. Listen to the stories of these people who live and work in this bustling corner of the globe. The art show can be considered a pristine break from all the modern day museums and indoor galleries, as it provides a very natural feel of the river trail.


The event is funded with support from the City of Lansing Art & Cultural Grant Program. For more info, you can visit their website right here. Take a drive down to sunny Michigan to check out what this show has to offer. See you there!


About sculptureshow

I'm a sculpture enthusiast who finds himself stepping into the shoes of several great artists every week of the month. I've decided to materialize all that I've discovered from my sessions with them into a blog platform that caters to those with a taste for contemporary sculpture View all posts by sculptureshow

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